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The sad truth is that most of us live in cities where light polution and smog do not let us see anything except the brightest stars.

@vivek_jonam light pollution raises the brightness of the background sky; as a result there's no longer enough contrast for the eye to perceive the difference between stars and the sky.

roughly 2° foveal region for red and green cones.) You can see a fair amount of detail as well..there are definite limitations. According to have estimated that human eyes have a ISO rating of 500-1000 after being properly acclimated to dark conditions.

The example photograph has used something like ISO 3200.

From my understanding, any wavelength that is outside the visible spectrum is ignored in one way or another. How about thinking from the perspective of a "privacy screen" where a light emitted around some object is only picked up by any camera and not human eye and so any video/picture of the object itself is useless.

With all that said, it is possible that some magical wavelength will do what your describing on a camera, however it becomes exponentially less likely with each new camera and model revision.

On Friday, police released the driveway video footage, as well as footage of the attempted break-in recorded from inside the home looking out through a glass door. The interior camera - trained at glass doors in a walkout basement - shows the man jiggling a door knob and peering in. The boy and girl are younger than 10, and their parents are trying not to tell them about the naked, near intruder.

However, from some of the research I've seen, cameras tend to be sensitive to IR types of light, though they often have added digital filters to remove IR light from images.Higher sensitivity (50% vs IIRC 1-2%), longer exposure times (the eye maxes out at ~1/10th second), and larger aperture sizes (the pupil tops out at 7mm) allow a camera to collect more light and lift more detail above the noise floor.You can however get better images with a camera from a dark location than one that's badly light [email protected]: You'll see color, but not as much and not in this much detail.However, we come to a head at the point That is because the vast majority of cameras in circulation are designed to replicate the human eye. Ergo they add a digital filter to remove IR upon image processing.

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