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Some churches believe that being gay is a sin and that Christians who think they're gay need to invite the Holy Spirit to convert them to being straight.In the US the leading ex gay therapy organisation recently renounced its practices and apologised to the many homosexuals harmed by its activities.

Yet '' has discovered the fundamentalist practice of trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality is continuing in Australia with tragic results. RON BROOKMAN, DIRECTOR, LIVING WATERS AUSTRALIA: Come Holy Spirit.

Described by the current director of BCCS, Will Chamberlain, as a 'visionary', Moloney was one of the first in Belfast to realise the full potential of participating in circus performance on the personal development of young people.

Moloney was appointed drama specialist for Northern Irish Prisons in 1992, and became development officer of the Prisons Arts Foundation in 1997.

WMC Action News 5 received the final rendering of the 2017 Dream Home, located east of Collierville, in Rossville.

Tickets will sell out quickly, so don't delay reserving your tickets.

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