Aboriginal dating

It is enmeshed in a complex web of kin obligations and responsibilities.

It is underwritten by exchanges which both pre-and post-date any individual marriage.

Before this period records relating to Aboriginal people can be found in the correspondence of the Colonial Secretary’s Office - also held by the State Records Office.

Staff on duty in the State Records Office Search Room are available to assist clients in locating records of relevance to their family history.

there is the potential of marriage between certain categories of persons which is further refined by reference to actual kin, country, ritual and historical relations.

These dates have been strongly disputed, 60,000 BP being the date generally accepted as the most likely time of the first arrival.

The couple should be eligible to marry according to local rules defining ‘ideal preferences and accepted authorities’.2.

Appropriate betrothal arrangements should have been made between the two kin groups concerned. Actual marriage may be distinguished from the betrothal when the parties cohabit publicly and take on ‘marital responsibilities including sexual relations’.4.

Violations or deviance from the marriage contract attract attention from different categories of person or persons.

Professor Berndt has defined four key elements as follows:1.

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