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If the location of your external data source changed—for example, your SQL Server database name is the same, but it's been moved to a different server, or your Access database has been moved to another network share—you can change your current connection.

If your new location is not listed, click Browse for More, and then look for the data source you want to connect to in the Select Data Source dialog box.

After you create a Pivot Table, you can change the range of its source data.

For example, you can expand the source data to include more rows of data.

If the data you want to include is on a different worksheet, click that worksheet, and then select the table or range.

To base your Pivot Table on a different external source, it might be best to create a new Pivot Table.

As much as I love Excel pivot tables, there are a few annoying problems that you’ll run into, while working with them.

I made a list of my top 5 annoyances, and you might have other problems to add to the list.

Refresh the pivot table or change the data source to update the pivot table with the applied changes. This short video shows how to change a setting in a pivot table, so old items do not appear in the drop down lists. Note: This setting is available in Excel 2007 and later.To prevent old items from being retained in a pivot table, you can change an option setting: The following macro will change the pivot table properties, to prevent missing items from appearing, or clear items that have appeared.However, if the source data has been changed substantially—such as having more or fewer columns, consider creating a new Pivot Table.To change the data source of a Pivot Table if it's a range of cells or an Excel table, do the following: Tip: Leave the dialog box open, and then select the table or range on your worksheet.

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