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In the bronze medal match, Rhode, 37, and Meng, 27, were tied at 15 apiece, and they headed to another sudden death shoot off.Good or bad, it left audiences with plenty to talk about, and Too Fab has questions. From villain Rita Repulsa's vague origins and seemingly unlimited power to her hunger for gold, here are 12 WTF questions about Lionsgate and Saban's "Power Rangers" reboot.the original Green Ranger who turned on a team led by Zordon (Bryan Cranston), the Red Ranger, defending some power crystal thing on Earth 65 million years ago while the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Will Rita thaw out from her deep space freeze in the sequel?Since then, her ability and potential has risen tremendously. Loves anything to do with the outdoors, particularly fishing for Coho Salmon in Alaska.Sites Kim Rhode as a big influence and reason she's purused this sport like she has for her opportunity.

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Is that supposed to be the same meteor scientists believe caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs? When "Power Rangers" cuts 65 millions years into the future, team leader Jason Scott (Dacre Montgomery) is introduced as he's trying to pull a bull into his high school locker room, but the friend that's pushing from behind is eager to inform his star quarterback friend he "milked" the farm animal.

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