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But Lilly pads every bold statement with a remarkable amount of charm and punctuates her words with such an intoxicating laugh that it becomes impossible to hear her opinions and not take her side on nearly every issue.She can describe how she chooses her roles—wanting to contribute to the creation of her characters in order to feel as though she is doing more than just acting—and you understand that she’s not trying to be controlling; she just wants to have a little fun at work. “That process of creating Tauriel with [screenwriters] Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens and [director] Peter Jackson really changed my perspective on acting.Difficult as it is to believe, it’s now been over a decade since ‘Lost’ first burst onto our screens, with its unforgettable opening episode showing Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 crashing onto a mysterious island, where a bunch of strangers had to come together to survive.SEE MORE: Over the next six years, the series took us on an exciting - and slightly bewildering - journey that included (in no particular order) polar bears, mysterious black smoke, recurring number sequences, a giant statue of a foot and so many close-up shots of eyes that watching the show was akin to getting a Saturday job at Vision Express.

There was a period when Holloway was rumoured for a role in just about every comic book movie in development, most famously Gambit in .In the same year, Monaghan drew attention for his aforementioned attack on Matthew Fox, which he has since stood by, stating: "I don't say things that are unintentional."Things have been quieter on the Monaghan front recently, but he's about to begin shooting Swedish drama series South Korean actress Kim was unknown in the US prior to being cast as the quietly resilient Sun, but became a fan favourite along with her on-screen husband Daniel Dae Kim.After the show ended, Kim returned home to South Korea for a period and starred in a handful of movies made there, before returning to US television in one of the four leading roles on ABC's s longest-surviving characters, making it almost through to the end of season six.actress set the record straight on Bloom's claims that they got "wasted" together and she threw up. I might have run into a wall, but I did not throw up." PHOTOS: Evangeline Lilly and other hot Canadians Lilly also talked with Handler about rumors that she does impressions of the late-night comedienne. This is going to be as flat and dry as possible.' And then I was like, ' Oh, yeah! "He's the nicest guy, but I heard he was here telling stories about me that weren't true," Lilly, 34, told Handler. Because I don't remember him being at the party! "I heard you do impressions of me reading my own book," the host said.

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The Canadian-born actress was originally discovered on the street by a Ford modeling agent, but she turned down the offer.

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