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Software Update, things are freezing before they finish. Just hold down the Home button and Sleep/Wake button, just like you would to take a screenshot, only don't let go.Over-the-air (OTA), on-device updates are typically the easiest, fastest way to update, but freezes are the absolute exception to that rule. Keep holding them down until the screen turns off and then comes back on again with the Apple logo.When it's done, go to Settings About and make sure you're on i OS 7.1.2. If your i OS 7.1.2 update is frozen, if you're progress bar isn't showing any progress, give the hard reboot a try and let me know if it works for you.And if you come across a better solution, let me know about that too!We all know that excited feeling when you take your new Android phone out of the box for the first time.The possibilities seem infinite – the battery will last forever, your phone will operate at lightning spee,d and you’ve never had more space for all your photos and music. Often in no time at all, you see your smartphone or tablet slow to a crawl — all because of those apps you install. In our global AVG Android App Report (Q2 2015), we’ve again, identified the top 10 apps that drain your battery, clog your storage, and use up most of your mobile data.

I have taken the battery out and charged it plenty and it still won’t turn on.

I have left this screen go on over night, so around 6.5 hours and still no luck.

Please send more help and suggestions, I can't believe I've bought a and it doesn't even work.

It took me a good three months, but I finally did it, though not without some painful hiccups.

I remember when I connected Scrabble to Facebook—very easy. First off, I thought it was quite intuitive what needed to be done.

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