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No claims or guarantees are made regarding the accuracy of the data contained on this website.As such, the data on this site should not be used for any safety related activity, or for planning events to coincide with particular weather conditions.I enjoy finding new and interesting sites that are useful to the every day person.I have been helping and training people on tech-related issues for years and…Tornado HQ now has an experimental live-updating page. You can track as many locations as you like and be notified with a voice alert (if your browser supports it) when any of your locations is affected by severe weather. * Until 1030 PM CDT * At 927 PM CDT, a severe thunderstorm was located 7 miles northeast of Richfield, or 14 miles south of Johnson City, moving southeast at 40 mph. Android - Download the Storm Radar from Google Play.

Today we have more than 40,000 weather stations around the world.

The Atlantic Hurricane season usually peaks in early September.

The next named tropical storm for the Atlantic Basin would be Gert followed by Harvey.

Forecast Ticker can be licensed for use on other websites or blogs, the ticker size and or colors can be modified to fit any theme.

I have been working on and at computers ever since high school.

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