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Known for their popular soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine, Denver’s De Votch Ka has been combining a range of influences—from Slavic and Gypsy to punk and folk—into their unique blend of expressive rock music for more than a decade.

The band’s front man Nick Urata has composed scores for films as diverse as Crazy Stupid Love (2011) and Paddington (2014).

A month and a half ago, the whole world became fixated on a webcam of “April,” the pregnant giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in New York. BUT now Boise is getting it’s own version of the “giraffe cam!

” According to the Idaho Statesman, it’s that time of year again where the Peregrine Fund turns on it’s “Bosch Kestrel Cam.” Located at the fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey, the camera takes Idahoans inside of a box where American Kestrels lay their eggs in every spring.

(Typically there’s about five eggs a year.) After that mom and dad take turns sitting on the eggs for 28-31 days before they hatch.

The camera stays live until the parents have their little ones ready to fly about 30 days after they’re born.

A landmark for its playful experimentation with the depiction of reality, Dziga Vertov’s The Man with a Movie Camera (1929) is charged with the excitement of cinema’s possibilities.* Automated head movement to assist taxiing and banking in a turn.Added a P3D4 program argument which at the moment is equivalent to the P3D and P3D34 arguments.It’s done using a mix of hardware and software that captures a better understanding of the depth of objects in a scene, and replicates perspectives that the camera never captured originally.* Combines three or more programs into one user friendly interface. * Ideal addon for cockpit builders and general users alike.

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